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Enjoy life on the lake, be safe, and be a good neighbor.

Please be aware of invasive species and COLA's Clean Boat Initiative

Read the attached brochures and make sure you are familiar with Wisconsin Boating Regulations.

LCO Water Level

Volunteers regularly monitor the depth gauge at the Thoroughfare bridge. The Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM) was established in 1955 and is 1289.27 feet above mean sea level. The gauge and the chart readings are in tenths of a foot (1/10 foot = 1.2 inches). The first point on the chart, June 27, 2017, was when the gauge was first installed. The second point, Aug. 29, was made when we measured/confirmed the OHWM on the gauge. Periodic readings are recorded as accurately as reasonable. The water itself is in perpetual motion, not only flowing downstream but rising and falling due to waves, the current in the channel, the wind which can actually push water and “stack” it toward one end of the lake or the other and the seiche effect caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun. 

LCO Depth Gauge Readings 8-13-18.jpg