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Algal Growth Associated with Cranberry Bog Outlets

Impaired Waters - 2016 List Updates Fact Sheet

Wisconsin's Draft 2016 Impaired Waters List

COLA Response to WDNR 2016 Impaired Waters List:
- Attachments: Flow MapWDNR 'Low Priority' Designation for LCO, LCO Hypolimnion Dissolved Oxygen

Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Background 2014

Feb 2015 Water Quality Update

Next Steps

COLA Letter to the EPA Supporting Midwest Environmental Advocates (MEA) Petition for Corrective Action

This letter supports the efforts of Midwest Environmental Advocates (MEA) to petition the EPA to review and bring water quality issues overseen by the Wisconsin DNR into compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act. COLA's letter also asks the EPA to continue to review the Wisconsin DNR's oversight of critical water quality statues, note where there is negligence on the part of the Wisconsin DNR, and enforce the DNR's obligation to bring those areas into compliance.