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Forestry Best Practices & Erosion Vulnerability Assessment for Water Quality 

Upper Couderay River Watershed 

Sawyer and Washburn Counties, Wisconsin 

Final Report - August 2018

Download the complete report in pdf format here.

From Preface:

β€œThe Courte Oreilles Lakes Association (COLA) in 2017/18 contracted with the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Geographic Information Systems Center (GIS Center) to analyze potential contributions of sedimentation and phosphorus transport from timber management practices to surface waters in the Upper Couderay River Watershed (UCRW). This report describes the activities and deliverables executed in fulfillment of the contract. The report describes the GIS data collected and managed, the GIS functions applied to analyze watershed conditions and relationships, and the results of analyses. Additionally, this report describes GIS tools created for landowners of forested land and consulting foresters, to help them create maps useful for forest management planning.”