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Sawyer County boat wake ordinance

Sawyer County has proposed a resolution/ordinance about boat wakes in an attempt to,“provide save and healthful condition for the enjoyment of aquatic recreation consistent with public rights and interests and the capability of the water resources to minimize shoreline erosion.” The resolution proposes a 700-foot buffer from the shore for boats creating enhanced wakes (map for proposed buffer zone on LCO). For more information on effects of boat wakes on shoreline erosion, please refer to:

The Effects of Motorized Watercraft on Aquatic Ecosystems - Timothy R. Asplund, WDNR

Low-Speed Boating . . . Managing the Wave - Doug Keller, LakeLine Vol. 37, Fall 2017

Protecting Water Quality & Resuspension Caused by Wakeboard Boats - Heather Harwood, LakeLine Vol. 37, Fall 2017

Wakeboarding in Michigan: Impacts and Best Practices - Marlena Smith and Erin Jarvie, Michigan Chapter, North American Lake Management Society