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Most of the the articles for Short Ears, Long Tales have been researched and written by Kathy Hanson. Kathy Hanson is a free-lance writer for various local and regional newspapers and Duluth magazines. She is the staff reporter for the Sawyer County Record, Sawyer County field editor for Our Wisconsin magazine, copy editor for the Bayfield County Journal, and feature writer for the Sawyer County Gazette. She was previously a business writer, columnist and copy editor for the Sawyer County Record.

Issue 1  Former restaurants part of lake's legend

Issue 2  Saving the lake

Issue 3  COLA takes another giant step in stewardship

Issue 4  Fishing Guide Art Malin and the 'one that got away'

Issue 5 Part 1  They don't call me Frank for nothing

Issue 5 Part 2  They don't call me Frank for nothing

Issue 6   ‘The finest of the northwest’—the Old Chicago Club holds her sway 105 years later

Issue 7  'Until they chip my frozen carcuss out of the snowbank'.

Issue 8  'Lac Courte Oreilles - a rare gem'.

Issue 9  'Boat ahoy!'

Issue 10  'Shoreland residential water management 101'

Issue 11  'Keeping Lac Courte Oreilles in balance—Max Wolter knows what to do’

Issue 12  ‘No meatballs in Italy’

Issue 13  ‘Death by a thousand cuts,’ Chairman Mic Isham’s focus on water quality, environment'

Issue 14  'Sister Felissa—on Lac Courte Oreilles since 1961'

Issue 15  'And the stars shine brightly on Lac Courte Oreilles’

Issue 16  'The Land Trust Movement Led by CWRLT'

Issue 17  'Seining on Lac Courte Oreilles'

Issue 18  'Kinnamon School—We just all played together'

Issue 19  'Wanted: Anglers who know how to harvest pike'

Issue 20  'COLA named Outstanding Partner in award for protecting Lac Courte Oreilles'

Issue 21  'Broken Arrow Shoreline and Cabins Get Facelift'

Issue 22  'Lac Courte Oreilles Boat Landings'

Issue 23  'We are all closer because of the lake'

Issue 24  'Manoomin - the "green gold" we love to eat'

Issue 25  'Striking a balance: the dam water’s too high, the dam water’s too low' 

Issue 26  'Shining the light on our WDNR partners in Hayward'

Issue 27  'How COLA got started—'a bunch of amateur people who cherished the lakes''

Issue 28  'Water quality—pure but not so simple'

Issue 29  'It's all about the lakes'

Issue 30 ‘Shouldering public service in the town of Bass Lake: three gentlemen reflect’

Issue 31 ‘The Painted turtle: Now we know’

Issue 32 ‘FBPEVAWQ’

Issue 33 ‘Introducing Volume II of the Fourth National Climate Assessment’

Issue 34 ‘Water, and Water Issues, Everywhere’

Issue 35 ‘Turtle Bellies’

Issue 36 ‘Beauty is Only Surface Deep’

Issue 37 ‘Shoreline Zoning Changes’